Astrophysics and Cosmology

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Understanding how the world works at scale, and its origins is essential in becoming masters of our destiny, and doing it right in the grand scheme of things. Namely, we don't know what we're up against here -- what made the universe originate, and we're not sure how it works exactly, knowing which would potentially empower us to change how it works, and use its laws for improving it. Astrophysics and cosmology can help us arrive at these and other answers.

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[尹与及], I think it's because of grander implications. Having many worlds may affect our estimates for the probability of life and diversity out there, but both astrophysics and cosmology allude to the laws of physics, studying which we are approaching to the answers about their origins.


// 物理定律会不会在不同的宇宙是不同的?

有可能这个说话需要另外分类,叫 Metaphysics / 形而上学?我们在 Everything List 讨论关于这些事。