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Humans as Community

How to move away from "I" thinking to "WE" thinking?

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Humans have ~10 times more bacterial cells in our body than animal cells, we're 90% non-human by cell.

1) Each human is an ecosystem rather than an individual.

2) Bacteria are community-forming organisms.


If each human is an ecosystem, why in our society we pay so much attention to "individualism" rather than "togetherness"? What would promote "WE" thinking?

If humans are bacterias (community-forming organisms), then what can humans learn from bacterias? How might we act as "community-forming beings"?

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I'm really interested to see what can come out of this idea.

So much can be accomplished with simple unity.

[chronological], agree! I just added an idea and a project to explore this question of Unity further.

I wish I could talk as "we" for my flat complex, to my street, to my neighbourhood, to my district, to my county to my country.

We need some UI for talking as a street level actor. We should all be able to vote on points. And points can go downwards and upwards, so people in a flat complex could vote on something to do with rubbish collection. But that point could rise to the street level.

[chronological], do you mean something like an app to coordinate actions with neighbours? hmm, like a micro government. citizens action.

Yes a micro government interface with direct democracy. Should scale up from a flat complex (neighbours talking about things) to streets a time to neighbourhoods to counties to countries.

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"How might we act as "community-forming beings"? is essential question.

Ask yourself What can I do and then what can you do for others?

    : Ruta
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// What can I do and then what can you do for others? //

yes [chronological], I love that! similarly, at SAME community project, we ask members "What can you give?" and "What do you need?".

I'm a lazy software engineer.

You can find what I'm capable of on my github profile: Click repositories, change the type to sources and that's all my things I've made. And my blog is here

    : Mindey
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One idea I have is that as a person I have an API and I will do work for you if you call me via this API.

I need people that are good with HTML and CSS.

What can I give? I can create prototype systems. Probably not as pretty as though ;-)