Concepts:` Boredom.

Boredom expert


Someone who studies your psyche to work out what you should be doing


Imagine a field of research which is to study what makes people bored and to discover how to cure boredom.

The boredom expert runs a series of tests against your psyche to work out what makes you tick.

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我可以想到一些: 我一整天都没有和别人说话,我有点无聊; 做一些不需要思考的工作; 做一些不得不重复的事情,尤其是你并不期待其结果时; ……

It would be quite boring to specialize in such a narrow domain, wouldn't it? So, how would the specialist treat themselves? Not being specialist is the option I see.

The study of human activities would be quite interesting I reckon. It's a mixture of antropology and psycology because you're studying a particular person's mindset.


Check out the work of Scott Barry Kauffman, psychologist who creates Self-Actualisation Tests and writes books on how people can self-actualise :)