Concepts:` Eradicating commuting.

Community scheduling


Schedule every human to a residential home that is near work


Assuming you could allocate who lives where, you could allocate everybody to a home that is within 10 minutes (walking or driving) of their office.

You could pick a number of friends and you will be positioned so you are nearby your friends too.

Centrally managed residences. A formula calculates how much you pay for your residential home that is fair. (Bigger house, pay more)

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So, how would it work? Like groupon, but .... "transferon"? Is it more for coworkers, or for friends? Say, I subscribe to this relocation service, tell about my work and home location, and select a few "dream locations to live" (call it a "base"), and invite my friends do it too, then, do we see options to move, or some kind of long term plan sketches for everyone?

The idea of planning people's residences to create serendipity is an interesting one.

You describe that you like cafes.

The algorithm will try place a cafe that is between you and your friend's location so you can meet at that cafe.

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How would it work? I suggest it be used to build a new city:

Put all the housing lots, office lots into a big algorithm for placing people and give people locations that are within 10 minutes away from work office lots. Everybody should get a good position.

// You describe that you like cafes.

Ok, that's getting more involved, and considering the data privacy problems to do it while preserving everyone's rights is not a trivial market and AI recommendation task, but obviously, can be done with simple questionnaires, with some homomorphic encryption.

I think we need a general purpose resource scheduler. An organisation could have one for jobs. Allocates people to teams, to jobs.

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