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そのために、グルーポン みたいに、大勢の人が一緒に「クルーズ船の造船注文」が出来るオンライン注文Webページを作成するだけで 「豪華な水平の超高層ビル」という船の建築が出来ます、さまざまな場所に行く途中の人生を楽しむような、そのような横の「超高層ビル」を大量に注文すると、間もなく、世界の初めての海の都市が出来ます。


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[Inyuki]さん、リンクありがとう。でも、リンクでの は本当にカスタム「ビル」に似ているとは言えない、それで、注文も大勢の人が一緒に出来るとは言えないかも。

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// Maybe you need to adjust the inner ear semicircular canals first?

Well, just use X-BOW ship design (video). It helps with rough seas. Then, weather forecast to navigate around stormy weather. Modern ships tend to have multiple sets of ship stabilizers, so that it's generally not an issue. For the case of rough seas, there's always anti-motion sickness glasses. ;)

So, I think this generally is not an issue. What may be an issue, is the amount of steel needed, compared to traditional buildings, and the overall cost performance and overall cost-benefit analysis from the perspective of the passengers. For example, it may be useful for people who want to live with friends of diverse nationalities without worrying about visa requirements, but some may worry about the availability of services comparable to those found on land: some may care about the health security, others may worry about the entertainment options. Such ship has to compete with a developed city district, which adds to the cost, and means that the ship needs to be really big to achieve the economies of scale for certain more expensive equipment that city districts enjoy.

Perhaps multiple ships could join to form something like the fictional "Atlantis", helping realize the dream of "Oceania".