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Integrate ecofeminism, biology and design for regenerative innovation YAML Project Produce

My business is an online research lab to encourage at least 1B creatives to mix and match seemingly disconnected areas for regenerative innovation across SouthAmerica and Europe creative industries.

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// ¿¿Cómo puedo hacer crecer mi comunidad sin usar Instagram?? //

Hey [malü], I have some thoughts on your Challenge!

So the Q is how to connect with new people without social media for a business? Well you could go back to basics like parties and introductions. You'd need some ways of entertaining people (where is the party? and when? for who?)

Your website (blog) with interviews with thought leaders and online events about topic X could be that central place where the party is happening (where people can leave comments, connect to others).

So next Q is how to invite people to the party? Everytime you have a new interview/event. First asking 1:1 until you build up your ecosystem (newsletter list)

Terms you may want to explore are influencers, SEO link building, inbound marketing

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