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Symbiotic Creativity as The Way
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A collective of projects with a shared vision to promote symbiotic creativity rather than solo creativity. We're co-creating learning spaces where people learn to create something out of nothing together.

We sell online experiences to suit the needs of different learners:

  • 21 Day Challenges

  • Mini Courses

  • Membership Site

  • Professional Services: Brand Development, Websites, Online Course Development, Training 1:1

Current collective members:

  • Instinto Creador (Argentina)

  • KOKONO (Ireland)

You can join our collective, simply make a comment on this page.

Operational details

Instinto Creador in Argentina KOKONO in Ireland

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Fantastic updates coming soon :)

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What's new at KOKONO?

  • With [malü] we formed a partnership to work together on creating an ecosystem of organisations that provide a creativity training across different locations in the world and to have a different website (and a business registration) in each location: KOKONO ("") in Ireland/Europe, Instinto Creador in Argentina/South America, X in Lithuania.

  • We're committed to be open organisations and share our process here. If anyone seeing this page would like to collaborate with us and to pursue our mission together, just make a comment here. :)

  • In Ireland, KOKONO LTD will also offer exciting services for organisations under ""

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I realised a need to merge 2 of our projects under a higher level project, because with my collaborator [malü] we're working on both of our projects simultaneously - and our efforts cannot be separated, almost symbiotically! so it makes sense to rename this project from "KOKONO" to "SYMBÉS" and such to express an idea of pursuing a higher level goal together than our individual projects do. this simplification makes it easy to evolve together and share our progress.

do we still need individual project pages for results declarations? I'm not sure!

I envision this collective becoming an Ecosystem of Organisations mentioned by [malü].

Synthesing as I type this:

As a collective we unite professionals and businesses who want to help people in the world to realise true potentials through collaborative creativity.

Our mission could be to advance human development tools and promote symbiotic creativity as a process for human development.

Human development includes all aspects of personal growth, from nutrition to exercise, biohacking, spirituality, creativity as a mental activity, ... and the latest research done on the link of gut health and mental health, the benefits of social activities for wellbeing and longevity, and more. To sum up, seeing creativity as a healthy output out of human development activities (input).

Our core activity could be to facilitate knowledge exchange between members through hands-on co-creation experiences.

We could operate as a volunteer run membership based organisation (like various nonprofit organisations do, e.g.JCI, Toastmasters, Open Knowledge Foundation, etc). The difference is, in SYMBES our members come together online to exchange the latest tools for human development and to advance their creative abilities. This happens when members attend small "co-creation experiences" online.

This is a draft obviously! Editions welcome.

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